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Confound me!

Every night I come home

To the screaming of the television

Something's up; something's not right

And all we could do is sit and breathe.

Confound me!

I am drowning in my own blood

Of blood-red conscience and deathly black

These cretins, petty creatures of dark -

Swirls of black and blood on canvass of guilt.

Confound me!

Eyes, beady eyes are watching

Yet, there's nothing there; there's nothing

Like dust that settles before light shines on them

And you see their pitiable forms clinging to air.

Ah, Disillusionment!

Confound me!

It's easy, it's so easy

To let go, to just let go

And give up...

And then shake your head and say:

"Hubaga ate oy."

Copyright © 2004 Excursus. All rights reserved.