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The problem is not that the people running the government are bad and whether they are or aren't is not the problem because things are always shifting right in front of your eyes like watching a movie or reading a poem and there are things left unsaid, a gap: it's everything beneath, everything around it, everything hovering over it, everything but the very thing you seek because you are not part of it, just your function to fill the gap and then it becomes a part of you and hate it or love it -- it's you; you don't stop, you don't get to stop because the psychology of society is projection: what you are seeing is who you are inside and you don't get to stop or reject it; you don't get to reject yourself no matter how disillusioned you are, no matter how messed up your life has become after you realize you've leased your soul for this transient moment; life is made of these transient moments and you love it you have to, you love it so much you'd bleed and die for it and you lease your soul again and again because you can and because you want to and because you believe life is beautiful and ugly and yours alone so what you do or what you don't do is what decides your fate.

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