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If it's just a question of faith, I have no qualms. How easy is it to believe in God? It's an abstract idea, no doubt. God is. But that is what makes it, strangely enough, comprehensible. I can understand that it is unfathomable for my tiny, inconsequential human brain to understand, for my tiny, gnarled human hands to grasp. In short, I can understand why I cannot. That is explanation enough.

But when it comes to religion, I find myself torn between logic and faith. Because I understand a little, yet not enough, the reason being that I do not know all. No one has thought to teach me properly or perhaps I am insusceptible to teaching.

There is too much mixture between logic and illogic in religion. Rather than a product of soul, religion is a product of thought. Faith is the crying out of man's soul for something greater than he. Religion is the logical conclusion drawn from man's thoughts and aspirations reduced into mechanical formulas and technical descriptions.

Religion is supposed to give meaning to an otherwise meaningless, insensible abstract idea that is God. But in its struggle to make sense of the senseless, religion must often contradict itself. Because of this I feel that my religion is needlessly polluting my faith.

Is it not enough to say 'I believe in God' without qualification, without unnecessary conjectures and speculations? I believe God because that is what my whole being is telling me.

I think perhaps that is how it should be.

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