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Look outwards

There is nothing here

The world needs

It weeps, the fool

It drowns in laughter

In gold and silver

Are you blind?

Or is the sun too bright?

Look outwards

There's nothing in

Nothing worth a dime

The world screams

It bleeds the fools

It's softly dying

Under song and vice

What are these hands for?

What are these legs for?

If not to shape with

If not to run with

If not to cut with

If not to kick with

Look outwards!

Look nowhere else

Wear blindfolds if you must

Cover your eyes

Breathe smoke....

Look outwards

This perfect place --

this ugly beauty,

This fleeting death!

Are your limbs tired?

And are your lips barbed?

Are you mouthing words

of half-full glass from lofty bards?

I say: "What glass?"

I see water

Not too much

Not too little

Why choose between black and white?

Neither is a color

I say: "Do you also paint

your walls too-white?"

And change the world, yeah?


Change yourself.

Copyright © 2004 Excursus. All rights reserved.