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It was a quiet morning. On the TV screen, Wily Coyote was trying to light a huge red rocket when it exploded unexpectedly while he was standing right there. ‘Beep-beep,’ said the Roadrunner as it sped past –

The image changed.

“Hey, I was watching that.”

A small group of people were surrounded by media men and flashing cameras, with the façade of XYZ Estrella Corp. Tower in the background. The camera focused on the speaker in the middle of the group, a slender woman in her mid-twenties.

“I was watching that,” came the voice again.

Ignoring the protest from the person sitting beside him on the couch, Sandro lifted the remote and increased the volume.

The TV news reporter appeared on the screen. ‘…just announced that the Estrella Family is donating the entire private collection of their late father, founder of the financial magnate, XYZ Estrella Corp.…’

“Why are you interested in that shit?” Chad asked with an annoyed sigh. He sat with his legs stretched in front of him and arms behind his head. There was a cigarette dangling from his lips and his face was a picture of utter boredom.

“My TV,” was all that Sandro said.

“Well, geez, just because your TV’s bigger than my Mom’s.”

“Then buy a bigger one,” Sandro suggested.

“Can’t. I’m out of dough.”

“Didn’t you do a job last week?”

“Yep,” Chad grinned, flipping his shirt back to reveal the carved ivory handle of a Smith & Wesson lying against his stomach. “This baby here.”

Sandro was unimpressed. “So what? You got like five of those.”

They were silent for a moment and then, “You need to get a better system,” Chad told him.


“Took me less than five minutes to get in here.”

“Something tells me,” Sandro replied, glancing at his friend, “I don’t really need a better system, but for you to stop fiddling with my goddamned lock.”

Chad shrugged, grinning. “I’m a thief. Sue me.”

Sandro’s eyebrow twitched but otherwise he made no response. Both of them returned their attention to the newscast.

‘…one of the most comprehensive and extensive collection of ancient swords and weaponry,’ the reporter was saying. ‘Some of these weapons date back to the 11th Century and even earlier than that…’

Chad glanced at the screen and muttered, “Shit, what idiot would carry around swords these days anyway? Guns are better.” There was a pause. “Is that chick a daughter of the Estrella Family? Shit, she’s hot. Hey, where are you going?” He looked up at Sandro who was standing up, shrugging on his jacket.

He tossed the remote to Chad who caught it with some trouble.

“Where are you going?” Chad asked again.

“I’m going out,” Sandro answered, slipping on a pair of sunglasses and grabbing his keys and a pack of cigarettes from the tabletop. “Don’t wait up.”

“Wait – hey!

The door slammed closed.

“Tss,” Chad sounded. After some time, he gave a mental shrug and settled back on the couch, raising the remote to flip channels until he found what he was looking for.

Wily Coyote was pushing a huge stone boulder up a hill with great effort. Once he got to the top, he paused and grinned triumphantly. ‘Beep-beep,’ the Roadrunner said, startling Wily Coyote so much that he jumped, dislodging the boulder from its anchor in the process and causing it to roll downwards with the coyote right in front, running for his life.

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