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It behooves me to think that I should be more aware about things going on around me. It behooves me to see beyond myself. Because the more I see of the world and the more I understand, the more I get confused, dissatisfied, disillusioned.

Am I supposed to be enlightened now?

Who are these people? That they should be so different from what I perceive them to be. That things should be so different from what I have been taught to believe.

My world is falling apart.

Am I supposed to feel enlightened now?

Am I supposed to feel privileged? Because I understand but I am incapable of removing myself from these heedless emotions, heedless ideals, and pierce through the heart of the jungle.

My world is falling apart...

I wonder, if I let go, where would I fall unto?

But I'm here, I'm all here. I just don't see it always.

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