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   POETRY > Ode to My Hometown

There is always a certain joy to homecoming

Home to Moalboal, womb of my youth

The air grows fresher, sweeter

Such beauty that even

Carsickness is welcome, embraced

Steady, the bus climbs and my sight,

First the Cross and the distant bells tolling

Ah, pure noise, quiet streets

The green, the constant green

And the curious people.

Fisheries whirl past me

New houses, new stores,

New structures cropping up

How long has it been

Ive almost forgotten.

But there our house stands

Dwarfed, yes, but fixed as Polaris

Sights and people familiar from uncaring days

Spent running amuck

On foot and on wheels.

Sunset at the unfinished bridge Tulay

Catechism classes and the Flores de Mayo

Blowing colored feathers from angel wings

Climbing up the Talisay tree behind the Church

And being stoned and chased by Rosa la Loca

Oh, carefree days

Wonderful recollections

Moalboal, your white sands and corals are the speeches of many

But Ill remember you for your stillness

And the memories you offer.

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