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   POETRY > Of Pessimists and Optimists

There once was a good doughnut

Delectable confection of sugars and sweets

Doused in honey, dusted with nuts

Teeth have never had such a treat indeed.

Then enter two men, aboard a boat, no less

Arguing, they miss the good ol' doughnut at first

But, "Aha!" One of these two in time express

"Look at that - that hole on that piece!"

"What hole?" The other of the two cries,

"That hole!" The other retorts, inordinately annoyed

Confused, the other looks and looks and sighs

Oh, a hole at the middle - all that the other holds.

And thus, twixt optimists and pessimists

The difference is droll

The optimist sees the doughnuts

The pessimists see the hole

And the realist?

Oi, he sees the doughnut

And opts for a burger instead !!

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