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   POETRY > Perhaps

Delusions haunt my waking thoughts

They say I dream too much

And perhaps, they’re right

I care not for reality

I always think there’s more

And I live only for the impossible

Something beyond human means

Anything less disinterests me

And they think I’m detached

Well, perhaps, they’re right

I live behind a silk screen

The world is but a shadow

And I feel far away, unreachable

They believe I can’t be touched

And perhaps, they’re right

But I wonder how it is

How is it to simply be

To grasp things as they are

To live life as it is

But it’s a fear I have

When you want something bad enough

They say it’s easy to fail

And perhaps they’re right

But from the bitter, good things…

I won’t.

Copyright © 2004 Excursus. All rights reserved.