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   POETRY > Rain in the Summer

Do you know how painful?

To pull against the chain

When the dying only slumber.

Do you know how close?

We are to death as

Living is to heartbeat.

Do you wake up with fists raised?

And leave with palms open

Cry, my beloved:

Tears of blood and rain.

Tell me, does it hurt?

To smile at the world

And laugh at sadness.

And do you feel?

When the knife cuts

And tears you to pieces.

Do you regret that?

I love you -- I was loved

Bleed, my beloved:

Rain tears and blood.

I am married to death;

Your soul is my lover

Will you cry when?

It rains in the summer.

Sing, my beloved:

I leave empty but for a song

Of tears and the lulling of rain.

*dedicated to Ana Escalante Neri whom I have never met but whose words I have read and remembered...

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