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   JIN YONG > She Diao Ying Xiong Zhuan || Chapter 11: The Eternal Spring

NOTES: The title refers to Qiu Chuji who is nicknamed the ''Son of Eternal Spring" and will appear later in the chapter.

CONDENSED: Gou Jing, Huang Rong, and Mei Chaofeng were working together to fight off the masters from the Zhao Palace, namely, Peng Lianhu, Liang Ziwong, Sha Tongtian, Hou Tonghai, and Ouyang Ke. While they fought, Mei Chaofeng kept asking Guo Jing what some of the internal strength principles meant. This was their deal - that Guo Jing would teach her the Quanzhen principles taught to him by Ma Yu if she helped Huang Rong and him fight off the five masters.

Originally, Huang Rong intended to let Mei Chaofeng fight off those people so that she and Guo Jing could sneak off. But who would have thought that Guo Jing would be firmly tied down by her? This changed her plan entirely, forcing her to engage in the fight. She was worried that they would not be able to retreat, causing her to become frustrated.

Mei Chaofeng opened several moves again before backing up completely. She shouted in desperation: "Who sent all these fierce people? Shifu?"

Her mood was conflicted by now. She hoped that her shifu would finally arrive so he could see her protecting her apprentice sister and also help her get rid of these four skilled experts. However, she also thought of her shifu's bad temper and could not stop herself from feeling terrified and hoping never to run into him again.

Huang Rong: "He will come soon. How can these people match you? When you were sitting on the ground, they could not even move a single hair on your body."

She hoped that by complimenting Mei Chaofeng, she would try even more to outdo the others and even let Guo Jing go. Who would have thought that Mei Chaofeng would be unable to make ends meet? Her misery increased with each blow from the enemy. How could she still expect her to release him? In her heart, all she really wanted was to ask Guo Jing more about the internal strength principles so she was unwilling to let him go.

Amidst the skirmish, Immortal Ginseng Liang Ziwong suddenly leapt into the air. When Mei Chaofeng realized what he intended, the other people have also began attacking. She raised both arms but only sensed that something fierce was holding on to it. It was Liang Ziwong.

Huang Rong saw the potential danger and quickly sent out a palm toward Liang Ziwong's chest. Liang Ziwong raised his right hand to block her blow while his left hand continued to grab hold of the arm. Mei Chaofeng fiercely extended her palm to send him off. Liang Ziwong felt the air rushing up to his face and quickly let her go and stepped sideways to avoid the blow.

While they were fighting, Peng Lianhu had long known that she was one of the Two Ghosts of the Violent Desert Winds, Mei Chaofeng. Afterwards, when he saw Huang Rong helping her, he scolded: "Little girl, you said you are not a disciple of the Two Ghosts of the Violent Desert Winds. You lied."

Huang Rong laughed: "She is my shifu? Even if she taught for 100 years, I still wouldn't study under her."

Peng Lianhu saw that her kung fu was obviously close to Mei Chaofeng's but that there were some minor differences. Also, he heard that she spoke without a shred of respect for Mei Chaofeng. He could not fathom why which surprised him.

Sha Tongtian suddenly called out: "To shoot the person, first shoot the horse!" Then with his right leg, he swept fiercely towards Guo Jing.

Mei Chaofeng was shocked, thinking, Although this boy's kung fu is solid, he can't protect himself. If he is injured, I will not be able to move and will surely get killed. Slowly, she reached down to grasp Sha Tongtian's foot. The move forced her body to bend down. Ouyang Ke took advantage of this favorable situation and sent a palm towards her chest. Mei Chaofeng gave a grunt as her right hand shook. Suddenly, a white flash appeared across her face. It was a long whip, lashing towards the four people immediately.

Peng Lianhu thought, If we don't kill this blind woman now, her husband, Copper Corpse, might come and that would only make it harder for us!

Chen Xuanfeng died in the desert but no one in the wulin world of the area south of the Yellow River heard about it. The prestige of the Two Ghosts of the Violent Desert Winds were quite sinister. They stopped at nothing. Peng Lianhu and the others all feared the two of them and felt nothing but dread.

Mei Chaofeng's Poisonous Silver Dragon Whip was fierce. It could reach four to ten feet when she lashed it while standing. But Sha Tongtian, Peng Lianhu, Liang Ziwong, and Ouyang Ke all thought how could they give up just because of this? They kept their distance, keeping their eyes on the whip. Suddenly, Peng Lianhu and the others circled her and started rolling in. Mei Chaofeng's whip danced as it blocked three people, but she could not keep the others from attacking below. She heard Guo Jing cry out in alarm and anticipated what was happening. She quickly extended her left arm to strike below.

Huang Rong saw that Guo Jing was in danger and wanted to get in and try to help. However, Mei Chaofeng's long whip continued to whirl, creating a silver ring around them. How could she enter the circle? Still, she saw that she was single-handedly trying to resist Peng Lianhu. The situation was extremely critical so that she was unable to stop herself from shouting: "Everybody, stop! I have something to say."

Would Peng Lianhu and the others listen?

As she prepared to shout again, she heard someone from the wall, calling out: "Everybody stop. I have something to say."

Huang Rong turned her head and saw six people standing on the high wall but it was too dark to distinguish their appearance. Peng Lianhu and the others also noticed the newcomers but did not know whether they were friend or enemy so they did not dare to make any move. Two persons suddenly leapt over the wall. One was wielding a soft whip while the other was holding a pole. Together, they attacked Ouyang Ke.

The short fat man carrying the whip shouted: "You thief, how can you escape us now?"

When he heard this voice, Guo Jing was overjoyed. He said: "Shifu, it's your disciple! Help me!"

CONDENSED: The six people were actually Guo Jing's shifu, the Six Freaks of Chiangnan (used to be seven). They had tracked down Ouyang Ke to the Zhao Palace. The Seven Freaks are namely, Flying Bat Ke Zhen'e, Magic Hands Scholar Zhu Cong, Horse Deity Han Baoju, South Mountain Woodchopper Nan Xiren, Smiling Buddha Zhang Ahsheng (killed by Chen Xuanfeng earlier), Hidden Hero of the Busy City Quan Jinfa, and Yue Sword Maiden Han Xiaoying.

In the darkness of the night, Ouyang Ke's white clothing truly stood out. Han Baoju and Nan Xiren rushed forward but when they heard Guo Jing's cry, all six of them were pleasantly surprised. Zhu Cong and the others stared in rapt attention at the circle created by a long whip. However, they did not expect to see that it was Iron Corpse Mei Chaofeng. She was sitting on Guo Jing's shoulder and it looked as though she held him captive.

Recovering from her shock, Han Xiaoying's sword immediately moved forward, creating a gap in the whip circle so she could save Guo Jing. Peng Lianhu and the others saw the six people and were confused. These people just attacked Ouyang but they were also attacking Iron Corpse. They did not know which side they were on.

Peng Lianhu suddenly stopped fighting and leapt out of the whip circle. He shouted angrily: "Everybody stop, I have something to say."

This shout resembled the sound of a mighty bell, causing the eardrums of the others to ring. Immortal Ginseng Liang Ziwong and Sha Tongtian stepped back while Ke Zhen'e recognizing his voice, immediately called out: "Third younger brother, seventh younger sister, don't be hasty!"

When they heard their eldest brother shout, Han Baoju and the others all respectively withdrew. Mei Chaofeng also stopped spinning her silver whip as she gasped out for breath.

Huang Rong then stepped in front and said: "Your conduct today has been good. My father will surely favor you." Both her hands were making signals for Gou Jing to throw Mei Chaofeng's body down.

Guo Jing understood that Huang Rong only said those words but did not mean them. He suddenly said: "Three blossoms gathered together to purify the water. Air is made divine by emptying oneself." (I am not sure about this.)

Mei Chaofeng thought deeply about this, her concentration complete. Then, she asked: "How is it done?"

Suddenly, she felt her body soar. It was actually Guo Jing lifting her up while she was meditating. He channeled his internal strength to both his hands and flung her some ten feet away at the same time that he jumped to get away. His body had not even touched ground when he saw something flash in front of him. It was the Poisonous Silver Dragon Whip flying towards him.

Han Baoju cried: "Watch out!"

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