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The rock was talking to her.

Takya did not know how or why or whether or not her mind has finally gone over the edge, but --

The rock really was talking to her, and all she could think about was: But it doesn't even have a mouth to speak of!

Anyway, it was spouting some nonsense about how to surgically remove the human spleen.

“…First, you have to take two ounces of minced green pepper of the freshest kind, add ginger powder and two lines of salt because they’re white and they look like snow when you drop them from the sky. Human beings are so frail. You don’t even have to sharpen the knife to make the cut deep. Hit their head with a rock and they bleed, and it’s funny but sometimes they forget themselves. Can you imagine? Pass me the radish, please. Alright, now here is where the pancreas is located and here, right here, see that little purple sponge-like something shaped like a purse? That’s your spleen. I need more salt, please. Are you listening?”

Takya was lying at the bottom of the bathtub, watching the world outside her through a film of water. The tub was starting to flood.

“She’s not breathing. Quick, put some carrots in,” said the rock.

Looking down at her from behind the figure of the rock were the curious faces of her two closest friends -- Anacleta and Necifora. Takya tried to call them but every time she opened her mouth, she only swallowed more water.

“...Is she going to die?” Another voice said and it sounded strangely familiar.

“No,” answered the rock. “She can breathe if she wants to. We’ll just need more salt and a little bit of soda. Where are the cellphone batteries?”

“The clock is not working.” That voice again and this time Takya saw him: brown hair and brown eyes. Federito, but his face merged with someone else.

“Never mind that,” said the rock. “Here, hold this. That’s her spleen. Be careful with it.”

“…huh?” He was looking at it like it was going to dissolve into thin air.

“The spleen is not essential to life. Did you know that?”

“But it’s so cold.”

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