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   GU LONG > Xiao Shiyi Lang || Chapter 2: Legs of Flying Doctor

This old person was none other Fei Daifu (Flying Doctor).

The two palanquin bearers were actually Wulin experts in disguise. They moved fast, flashing like lightning as they sent their four swords in several directions, one covering the top, the other below, in front, and behind, effectively cutting off any escape routes. It seemed that Fei Daifu could not make a single move without getting himself cut.

Although Feng Siniang was a veteran herself, she was nevertheless taken by surprise. She wanted to help but knew that it was too late. It was only a matter of time before the Flying Doctor turned into the Dead Doctor.

But who knew that at that moment, Fei Daifu would move to the side, barely avoiding getting scratched from the two swords? The other two swords ripped through his clothes but he also gripped them with his two fingers. These two fingers were like iron and no matter how hard the palanquin bearers pulled, they could not move. Finally, they became exhausted.

It was then that they heard a "ge" sound as the swords broke into two under the pressure from his fingers.

The palanquin bearers were greatly alarmed and immediately, they leapt into the air, landing several feet away.

Without opening his eyes, Fei Daifu waved his hands, sending the two broken blades flying like blue light. The two fleeing palanquin bearers screamed in terror!

Fresh blood spurted from their bodies like arrows. Even though they were dead, their bodies continued to move forward, leaving two streaks of blood on the ground.

The shouting had stopped. The world was suddenly deathly silent.

A clap was the only sound that could be heard.

Fei Daifu asked in a severe tone: "Who is it?"

His eyes opened, staring intently at the cliff where Feng was standing. He saw her beautiful face and disarming smile.

Fei Daifu frowned and said: "It's you." Feng smiled and said: "It's been years. Not only has your demeanor changed, but your kung fu has increased as well."

Fei Daifu's frown grew deeper. "Siniang, why are you so polite? Is it possible you want something?"

Feng sighed, muttering: "If I'm polite to a person, people say I'm up to something. But if I'm not polite, people say I'm rude. Oh! It's really not easy to act properly."

Fei Daifu listened quietly but did not respond.

Feng Siniang stepped off the cliff, her robes fluttering gently. She said: "Look, I'm not ill or injured. Why would I ask you for anything?"

Fei Daifu snapped: "Now, have you taken a good look at me?"

Feng said: "I have."

Fei Daifu said: "Very good. Then, goodbye."

Feng blinked and then suddenly giggled as she said: "You sly old fox, no one can deceive you."

Fei Daifu at last smiled. He said: "If I'm meeting the Enchantress, then I have to be a sly old fox."

Feng rolled her eyes. Then, pointing at the corpses, she asked: "Do you know who these two people are? Why did they want to kill you?"

Fei Daifu replied casually: "I'm an old man and I've been all around the world. I have committed countless murders! It's perfectly justified that people would come to try to kill me. Why bother asking?"

Feng chuckled, saying: "I already know you're not afraid of death, but if you were killed by some young upstarts, how could it not be unjust? Aren't you afraid that your reputation will get tarnished?"

Fei Daifu's eyes flashed, staring intently at Feng for a long time. After a moment, he grumbled: "What do you want from me?"

Feng clasped her hands behind her back and said: "If you are willing to help me, I'll help you find out who tried to kill you. You should know that gathering information is my specialty."

Fei Daifu sighed as he forced himself to smile. "I knew you wouldn't ask for me for a good cause."

Feng flushed, saying: "But this time, it is for a good cause."

She squatted in front of Fei Daifu's palanquin. She said: "Not only is it for a good cause, it is something really important. After this, you and I will greatly benefit."

After a long silence, Fei Daifu's face revealed a weary smile. He slowly said: "I am very willing to help you. It's a pity that you came too late."

Feng frowned: "Too late? Why?"

Fei Daifu did not reply. Instead, he raised the blanket that covered his legs. Feng felt herself grow cold, as though someone had dumped cold water over her head as her entire body stiffened.

Fei Daifu's legs were cut off at the knees.

Fei Daifu's qinggong (lightness kung fu) had been unmatched. With his "Yanzi San Chao Shui (Swallow Thrice Floating on Water)", he could even catch a flying bird with his bare hands. But now, his legs were gone.

Feng found it even more startling than Hua Ping's severed arm. She asked in a trembling voice: "What happened?"

Fei Daifu smiled sadly, saying: "Of course, it was cut off by someone."

Feng said: "Who could commit such treachery?"

Fei Daifu spoke slowly: "Xiao Shiyi Lang!"

Feng's breathing hitched for a moment. Then, after a while, she jumped and stomped her foot, shouting: "I don't want to see him. Why is everyone asking me to see him!"

Fei Daifu replied: "You should go see him. He's the only one who can help you. Why prolong the inevitable?"

Feng said: "And you? Don't you want revenge?"

Fei Daifu shook his head and said: "Although he has injured me, I do not hate him."

Feng asked: "Why?"

Fei Daifu closed his eyes and did not speak.

Feng grew quiet for a long moment. Afterwards, she sighed and said: "Alright. Since you don't want to talk about it, I'll just bring you home!"

Fei Daifu replied: "I don't need your help."

Feng asked: "Who said so? How do you expect to get off this mountain?"

Fei Daifu retorted: "Men and women should not be allowed to have physical contact. You don't need to trouble yourself. Siniang, leave me alone!"

Feng stared at him. "I don't care about men and women having physical contact. I for one don't pay attention to how a woman should behave. I always thought these restrictions are unimportant."

And without waiting for Fei Daifu's reply, she took him and carried him on her back.

Fei Daifu could only smile, not knowing what to do with such a woman.

In the dimness of night, the stone grave looked even more eerie as though ghosts and spirits lived there. A tiny light glowed from inside, resembling a jack-o'-lantern.

Feng asked: "I don't understand why you have to live in a place like this. Aren't you afraid of ghosts?"

Fei Daifu replied: "When you are at death's door, ghosts are sometimes better company than the living."

Feng said in a sarcastic voice: "Ghosts at least can't cut off your legs."

Although the lamp inside the chamber was lit, there was nobody there. That strange-looking lad who answered the door was nowhere to be seen.

What's more, the coffin had also disappeared.

What kind of thief would want to steal from a place like this?

Feng Siniang could not stop herself from smiling as she thought: "This thief is indeed strange. Of all the things he could have stolen, he had to pick out the coffin. Even if someone in his family died, it doesn't explain why he has to come all the way here..."

She did not say this out loud because she suddenly saw that Fei Daifu's body was trembling. When she looked at his face, she noticed that it was drenched in cold sweat.

Feng thought that something was up so she frowned and asked: "Is it possible that your coffin hides some sort of secret?"

Fei Daifu nodded.

Feng replied: "You're not a miser so naturally it's not money inside that coffin. Then..."

Her eyes brightened suddenly as she said: "I know. You thought that no one in this world would ever think of stealing a coffin so you decided to hide all the secrets of your medical skills and kung fu there. You hoped to bury them with you when you die."

Fei Daifu could only nod as though he was incapable of speech.

Feng sighed, thinking: "I really do not understand how these people can be so selfish that they're unwilling to impart their knowledge on others..."

Again, she did not say this out loud. At that moment, a sound of someone panting for breath could be heard. The strange young lad who answered the door had come back and he was standing in the doorway.

But his whole body was soaked with blood and his right arm had been cut off. He was staring at Fei Daifu, managing to say only four words in a hoarse voice.

He spoke: "Xiao Shiyi Lang!"

As soon as he uttered these words, his body collapsed. In his left hand, he held a boot. He was clutching it tightly and even in his death, his grip did not relax.

Xiao Shiyi Lang! Always Xiao Shiyi Lang!

Feng stamped her feet and said bitterly: "I did not expect him to turn into such a monster. I never thought he could do something like this."

Fei Daifu said: "He did not do this."

Feng's gaze fell on that boot.

The boot was made of leather cured from calf skin. Its craftsmanship was very fine. But what made it so captivating was the inlaying of beads. No decent person would wear this kind of boots. Not even many illustrious personages in Jiang Hu could wear it.

After a long silence, Feng finally said: "It's true he wouldn't wear such boots but who knew what kind of person he has turned into."

Fei Daifu said: "Xiao Shiyi Lang's character would not change."

Although her face was serious, Feng Siniang could not help teasing him a little as she said: "That's odd. He cut off your legs and yet here you are defending him."

Fei Daifu replied: "He came to me out in the open. He defeated me out in the open. I know he's an honorable man and would never resort to underhanded means."

Feng sighed gently, saying: "Sounds like you know him better than I do. But why did this boy say his name right before he died?"

Fei Daifu's vision suddenly flashed. He said: "This boy does not recognize Xiao Shiyi Lang but you do. If you pursue the murderer, you can find out who he is."

Feng laughed in spite of herself. She said: "So you want me to go after the thief for you."

Fei Daifu hung his head and looked at his legs sadly.

Feng's eyes suddenly turned sympathetic as she said: "Alright. I'll go after him but I don't dare to say that I'll catch him. You know my qinggong is not that high."

Fei Daifu replied: "That person is carrying a large coffin. Surely, he could not walk too fast. Otherwise, the boy wouldn't have died. He must have caught up with him and grasped his leg."

Feng bit her lip, muttering: "Why did he use Xiao Shiyi Lang's name? Why did he kill this boy? Otherwise, even if he stole a hundred coffins, I wouldn't care."

The moon was cold, the hill barren, and the wind strong.

Feng Siniang never liked using her qinggong to its full extent, afraid that going against the wind would create wrinkles on her face.

But now, she was moving swiftly, flying and flitting against the wind, not only because she wanted to catch the murderer but because she wanted the cold wind to erase the mental image she had of a man.

When she first saw Xiao Shiyi Lang, he was only a young man in his teens. His upper body was stripped bare as he braved the raging waters of Longqiu Falls, attempting to get to the top.

He tried again and again until he nearly succeeded only to be overcome by the falls, hitting a stone as he fell. His body was badly beaten, his head split and bleeding from a wound, but he got up. He did not bother to dress his wounds as clenching his jaws, he tried once more. This time, he did manage to make it to the top and once there, he stood, clapped his hands and laughed.

Feng could never forget that image of him.

No matter how strong the wind, it could not blow away this image of him.

Feng bit her lip hard until it hurt; She did not want to think about him, but the sad thing about being human was that the person you strove to forget was the very person who stayed in the mind.

A shadow was swaying in the wind.

Feng's mind was filled with her own thoughts so she did not notice. She kept her head down as she continued until she saw a face. This face was hanging upside down, red veins showing in both eyes that were bulging and staring at Feng. The horrifying sight rendered her speechless.

No matter how bold the person, one could not help being caught offguard by such a face. Shocked, Feng took three steps back and looked up.

The person was actually hanging from a tree. And she did not know if he was alive or dead.

Feng was just about to check if he was still breathing when the person's eyes suddenly rolled. He tried to speak 'young lady' but his throat could not produce the words.

Feng asked: "Were you ambushed?"

The person wanted to nod but finding that he could not, he blinked and spoke: "It was a bandit...bandit..." Feng interrupted: "You saw the bandit?"

The person blinked.

He was not old. On his chin were several blue stubbles. His clothes were magnificent but his face looked mean.

Feng laughed: "I think you look like a bandit, too. If I release you, I might become your next victim."

The man's eyes revealed an ominious light as he grinned: "If the girl is willing to help me, then I'll owe you."

Feng retorted: "If the bandit stole away your money, what more could you offer me?"

The man could not reply. Cold sweat began to form on his face.

Feng chuckled and sid: "''I think you're not a good person, but I can't stand leaving someone here to die."

Relieved, the man said: "Thanks, thanks." Feng laughed: "I don't want your gratitude. As long as you don't get any indecent ideas, I will help you."

The man continued to thank her, but his eyes had moved to her chest. The curves of her firm breasts were visible. Feng knew that most men were like that so she did not mind.

She leaped unto the tree branch, intending to untie him when suddenly, she discovered that one of his feet was wearing a sock...a sock but no shoe. The sock was also bloodstained.

She looked at the other foot and found that it was wearing a boot.

It was a boot made of cured calf skin leather with a very fine inlaying of beads!

Feng Siniang paused.

The man spoke: "You said you were going to rescue me, why aren't you starting?"

Feng narrowed her eyes, saying: "I think, I think it's still not the right thing to do." The man said: "What do you mean?"

Feng replied: "I am a woman traveling alone so I have to be particularly careful. It's late and there's no one around. After I rescue you and you decide to...to do something, what would I do?"

The man forced a smile as he said: "Don't worry. I am not a bad person and seeing how you leapt onto the tree, you don't look like anyone who would be easily harmed."

Feng said: "But I still need to be careful. I must ask you several questions first."

The man was obviously not born a patient man as he said in low tones: "What do you want to know?"

Feng asked: "What is your surname? Where are you from?"

The man hesitantly replied: "I am surnamed Xiao. I come from Koubei."

Feng said: "You've encountered the bandit, what did he look like?"

The man sighed. "I'll be honest. I did not get a good look at him. He hung me up here."

Feng frowned. "What about the coffin? Did he also steal it?"

Turning pale, the man tried to smile, saying: "What coffin? I don't know what you're talking about."

Feng suddenly leapt down and with a "pop", she boxed his ears several times and also slapped his face until it was swollen and his teeth fell, blood flowing in a straight line from the corners of his mouth. She shouted angrily: "Who are you? Why did you steal Fei Daifu's coffin? Who sent you here? Why did you pretend to be Xiao Shiyi Lang?"

The man looked like he had been chopped using two knives, his face turning all twisted, his eyes staring ferociously at Feng Siniang. He clenched his teeth tightly.

Feng said coldly: "You are not willing to talk, aren't you? Alright, then I'll tell you who I am. I am Feng Siniang. Anyone who falls in my hands cannot refuse to tell me the truth."

That at last caused a look of terror to appear. He said: "Feng Siniang. You are Feng Siniang."

Feng said: "Since you know me, then you ought to know that I speak the truth."

The man sighed, muttering: "I never thought I'd meet the Enchantress today. Well, well, well, well..." When he spoke the last "well", he suddenly bit down hard on his teeth.

Seeing what he was about to do, Feng tried to immediately pry his lower jaw down but it was too late. The man's face was already dark, the corners of his mouth revealing a surreptitious smile as his eyes turned up. He stared at Feng, hissing at her: "Now, can you still make me talk?"

The man would rather swallow poison than tell her about himself. Obviously, he was afraid that if he survived, the punishment would be worse than death.

Feng stamped her foot and said angrily: "It's a good thing you died. Whether you said anything or not, it doesn't matter to me in any case."

In her mind, there was only one thing that mattered.

Who hanged this person here?

And where did that coffin go?

Surprisingly, the coffin was back in Fei Daifu's tomb. How did this coffin get here?

Feng Siniang could not believe her own eyes. She stepped back and said: "How could it be here?"

Fei Daifu said with a smile: "Of course, someone brought it here."

Feng asked: "Who?"

Fei Daifu smiled mysteriously before saying slowly: "Xiao Shiyi Lang!"

Feng stamped her feet, hotly saying: "Xiao Shiyi Lang? Him again! So it was he who hung that person! Strange, why didn't he ask that man about his background?"

Fei Daifu said blandly: "He knew that some people if asked just wouldn't tell!"

Feng said angrily: "Why did he leave that person there? Did he intentionally leave him there for me?"

Fei Daifu smiled but did not reply.

Feng's eyes swept around, asking: "Where is he?"

Fei Daifu replied: "He left."

Feng stared at him and said: "He knew I was here, why didn't he wait for me?"

Fei Daifu said: "He said that you didn't want to see him so he left."

Biting her lip, Feng sneered: "That's right. Each time I see that man, I get upset... Where has he gone to?"

Fei Dai laughed: "You said you did not want to see him, why would I ask where he has gone to?"

Feng was quiet for a long time. Then suddenly, her foot kicked the table, overturning it. She said: "You old fox, I hope he cuts off both your hands next!'

After saying that, she left in a hurry.

Fei Daifu sighed, muttering: "A thirty-year old woman acting like a child. How odd."

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