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I think people should stop thinking like a herd. Think about it. It is not that far-fetched for everyone else to be wrong. Democracy isn't really about the rule of the majority, but the freedom of the few. Don't hesitate to question what's in front of you. Don't stop asking, especially yourself:

Am I doing right by me?

For I think that if anything, you should always do right by you. You can conform to standards, follow all the rules, but you cannot borrow other people's principles. You have to live your own. If you want things to mean something --

Believe in it.

I think that you shouldn't believe anything just because everyone else believes it. We are not mechanical, mindless. You can pretend and no one will know. But you will know. You're just pretending. For conviction must come from within, not from without.

Think about it.

I think that you shouldn't think in one particular way because they say: This is how it's done. This is how things work. No. This is not how things work. There are a million and one way of doing things. You just have to think it.

And once you start thinking, don't stop. Because you can't do anything with just thoughts. You either have to act on it or move someone to action. And you can't move anyone if you think like a herd. To do anything, to accomplish something,

You have to be individual.

I'm not saying you have to dismember yourself from the group. By all means, go with the flow. It's alright. It's convenient and you will learn something. Remember: every person you meet in your life is a teacher. Everyone. Even that taong grasa lounging on the street, muttering to himself.

So pay attention. Listen up and listen well. But always -- always -- think for yourself.

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